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Ultimate Guide to Prepare for Salo's Pressure Washing Services At Your Property In/Around Dayton, OH

Ultimate guide

This will be a nice breakdown guide of how you, as a lovely customer of Salo’s Pressure Washing LLC, can best prepare for our exterior cleaning appointment and allow us to give you the best results possible. We send all of our customers an appointment reminder and basic instructions a day or two prior to service. We also notify you about 10-60 minutes prior to arrival on site. And lastly, we notify you when the project is fully completed.

Starting with the exterior of your house for house washing services. Most importantly, close and shut all windows and doors. Remove any hanging objects around the home such as wind chimes, flowers/planters, or decorations. Make sure all outdoor outlets are closed if they have a cover, or taped up if they are exposed. Regardless, we recommend turning the breaker off to exterior outlets to prevent any electrical issues if water penetrates the outlet and exposes faultiness. If possible, unplug, turn off, or remove any exterior doorbells and security cameras. Shut off all exterior lights whether outback, on the porch, or underneath soffits. A lot of the time, it’s windy outside, and we can’t always control misting spray from getting on nearby objects, so park all vehicles and move all items away from the home that you don’t want wet.

If we’re cleaning any concrete / pavers, such as your driveway, sidewalks, patio, or decks, ensure the following things are done. Remove/clear off any furniture or objects from the surface such as chairs, tables, floor matts, flower pots, grills, cars, kids toys, etc. A perfectly clear surface will be left perfectly cleaned by your trusted team at Salo’s Pressure Washing LLC. While we may move a couple light and easy items, if heavy or delicate items are left on the surface we are cleaning, we’ll have to work around it, and if that object ever gets moved in the future, you will have an obvious dirty patch and we don’t want that for you!

Now some more specific things that most people don’t think of. First off, while we are on site to serve the exterior of your home, avoid running any inside appliances that use water, such as dishwashers, washers, showers, sinks, etc. While we do have buffer water tanks for our machines, we still need the maximum amount of flow possible from your water spigots in order to get the job done the best and most efficient way. Ensure that the grass is edged all the back around the concrete to avoid having a dirty black perimeter line of where we couldn’t complete concrete cleaning services. If you have dogs or kids, make sure they are inside for the ENTIRE length of the project, and please pick up all dog poop from the yard. It’s also important for NOBODY to be outside in the area of power washing, as high pressure, soaps and detergents, or dirt may be flying around at any given time. If you need something during cleaning, please call or text our number 937-903-7946.

We look forward to serving you and getting your property as clean as it deserves to be. If you have any further questions or something wasn’t answered in this article, please reach out to our team.